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List of Job Titles in Banking

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Choosing a job in the banking industry provides a range of opportunities in areas such as credit, foreign accounts or mortgage. Some job titles in banking include bank credit clerk, bank foreign-exchange dealer, head bank teller and mortgage payment processing clerk. Some bank employers provide candidates with on-the-job training, while others require a college education.

银行Credit Clerk

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A bank credit clerk contacts bank customers by mail or telephone about past due financial accounts. Once customer contact is established, the credit clerk devises a payment plan and performs monthly account updates. Banks hire candidates with an associate degree in business management or previous collection work experience and customer services skills. These professionals must understand banking laws and credit management. A July 2010 Simply Hired report shows a bank credit clerk earns an average annual salary of $32,000.

银行Foreign-Exchange Dealer

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A bank foreign-exchange dealer monitors a bank's deposit balance and documents balance deposits and withdrawals. According to a July 2010 report on Career Builder Salary, these professionals discuss and initiate international business transactions with foreign exchange personnel. Employers hire candidates with an undergraduate degree in business administration or international business who have taken courses including business writing, personnel management and economics. Foreign-exchange dealer candidates must understand fluctuations in market prices. As of 2010, Career Builder Salary shows a bank foreign-exchange dealer earns an average annual salary of $94,198.

Head Bank Teller

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A head bank teller sells savings bonds, helps junior bank tellers and deposits customer checks, such as retirement funds. According to a July 2010 report on Degree Directory, minimum requirements involve a high school diploma with on-the-job training. The Degree Directory report shows a head bank teller provides an entry-level opportunity for undergraduate degree candidates, such as business management graduates. These professionals require financial and customer contact skills. A July 2010 Simply Hired report shows a head bank teller can earn an average annual salary of $28,000.

Mortgage Payment Processing Clerk

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A mortgage payment processing clerk provides administrative support in banking and mortgage company departments. The processing handles industrial, commercial or residential mortgage-related documents, which includes deeds. According to a July 2010 report on Career Builder Salary, these professionals update loan document changes and submit reports to banking supervisors or government officials. Candidates have previous banking or mortgage company experience or receive on-the-job training. As of 2010, Career Builder Salary shows a mortgage payment processing clerk earns an average annual salary of $36,113.



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